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The Journal

The Making of Raw Grime

This week we caught up with the producer behind “Raw Grime,” a 1+GB collection showcasing the influential UK genre featuring brazen 808s, speaker-shaking subs, string dabs and raw synth workouts in the trademark style of London basement jams.

SM Insight

Ableton Power Tips 2

Charge-up with part 2 of our "Ableton Power Tips" series.

The Journal

Logic Power Tips 2

Take your Logic skills to the next level with Snap Automation, Cycle Options, and Advanced MIDI Editing.

The Journal

Kick Drum Layering Tips

Get the most out of your productions with these forward-thinking drum production techniques.

SM Insight

Ableton Pro Techinques

Get the most out of your Ableton sessions with these pro techniques.

The Journal

Ambient Guitars Production Tips

Get the most out of your guitar recordings with these professional production tips - provided to you by the producer behind "Ambient Guitars."

The Journal

The Making of Future Soul 2

This week we caught up the producer behind the best-selling futuristic series: Future Soul.

Production Tips

Drum Layering Tips

In this video, we explore some techniques for effective layering of drum sounds.

The Journal

Pumping Techno Drums Production Tips

This week we followed up with the producer behind, “Pumping Techno Drums,” a collection of “pounding bass rhythms, warehouse bangers and slamming one-shots all in one easy-to-use pack.” Get immediate insight into how Pumping Techno Drum’s producer approaches sound design, beat production, and workflow.

The Journal

Chord Design Techniques

Take your sound design to the next level with these forward-thinking chord design techniques.

The Journal

Advanced Sound Design

Get creative with these expert tips and techniques. In part one of our three-part series, we explore reverse reverbs, meticulous automation methods, sample looping, and more.

Distributed Labels

Fragment - FX Drum Samples

Energetic sparks flicker and dance in the freezing night air, scattering little bursts of light up into the trees. The horizon gradually turns brighter as the rhythm of distant drums grows and there's nothing left to do but get ready for the groove - get ready because Fragment - FX Drum Samples is coming your way!Pulsating with 330 mesmerising, wholly unique drum samples, this release layers and blends together some of our absolute favourite sound design elements - masterfully recorded acoustic drums, thumping drum machine hits and intricate, evocative field recordings. We've painstakingly balanced these powerful, disparate forces to bring you some of our most captivating and impactful drum samples yet - a percussive feast that's packed with character, variety and more than a hint of the unusual!Covering all the bases from deep Kicks and Snappy Snares to potent Percussion, silky Shakers, enthralling Crashes and miles beyond, all the samples included in this library possess the punch to cut through any mix alongside the unique flavour to turn the heads of even the most seasoned of listeners.Throw these sounds in the mix and you'll discover transients glowing and cutting like laser beams as they give way to complex, atmospheric decays with more than just a hint of the psychedelic - these are the samples that can turn an everyday beat into something that will blow you away!In addition to the core sample content, we've included 12 drum kit sampler presets for your favourite DAW, so you have access to expertly mixed and matched samples the instant after download. As a final bonus, we've also added 5 channel strip presets to the complete the collection.

Distributed Labels

Warehouse Tech House

Toolroom Academy presents its newest arsenal of quality assured samples, providing the essential ingredients to create underground Tech House. Dusty grooves, heavy basslines, rough synth loops, stripped back percussion, and gritty effects come straight from the studios of some of Toolroom’s newest artists.Drum loops come fully processed and ready to use, with each loop broken into 5 user-friendly variations including the Full Drum loop, Kick, Percussion, Snare & Clap and Tops loops. BASS loops are labelled in key and ensure low-end grooves, while the SYNTH loops, again listed in key, offer rhythmic stabs and analogue rich melodies. EFX loops offer gritty atmospherics and the SINGLE HITS collection is packed with processed drums and hits allowing the user to be creative, building an entire track from the ground up. Create or enhance future productions with this essential pack, simply drag and drop into your DAW and get creative.

Distributed Labels

Trap Toolkit

Taking influence from Hip Hop, Trap, Rap, Neuro and more. “Trap Toolkit” brings you a heavy collection of custom drum kits, 808’s, drum fills, SFX and one shots expertly crafted to thicken your mix and solidify your low end. This toolkit has been carefully crafted to provide you with amazing loops that you can easily drag and drop into your productions to take them to the next level. Ranging from un-quantized grooving beats, huge 808’s that will ground the low end in your mix like no others, exciting SFX, drum fills that will allow you to transition between sections with ease and a whole range of unprecedented drum & instrument one shots. “Trap Toolkit” will help you deliver the new vibe you are looking for, whether that be Mr Carmak style beats, Noisia halftime vibes or Ivy Lab wonkiness.

Distributed Labels

Chillwave For Serum

Chillwave for serum, contains 60 artistically-crafted serum presets for your productions. These ready to be used in Synthwave, Chillwave, Indie Electronica, New Wave, Vaporwave, or to add summer vibe synth textures.These sounds are specially designed for Chillwave, Synthwave, Retrowave, Vaporwave, Synthpop, Future RnB, and Pop genres.Xfer Records Serum v.1.113 or higher is required

Special Offer!

50% Off Big Room Techno

Monolithic and muscular techno designed to impact on the biggest floors the world over. Packed with relentless drum workouts, brooding bass, dark Detroit-nodding synths, expansive FX and stomping drum hits, Big Room Techno strips back to the fundamentals of the genre with powerful results.

Distributed Labels

Studio Keys Sessions

Origin Sound proudly presents Studio Keys Sessions; a superb collection of electric keys and natural pianos recorded directly from the acclaimed Korg SV1 keyboard, providing an unprecedented sound.This library focuses on bringing musical excellence to your productions and spans from dark hip hop, through to minimalistic drum & bass. You’ll find a vast range of professional, complex chord progressions and complimenting melody lines to match each progression. Every progression and melody come with the corresponding MIDI file, giving the ability to examine the theory behind each skilful loop.


Vintage Inspiration Bundle

Vintage tools from the 70s, 80s and 90s, featuring funk slap bass, classic vocals, authentic live breakbeats and more.


Vocal Bundle

Get 15% off some of our best-selling vocal packs.

Find the perfect royalty-free vocals for your dance music productions by browsing our range of vocal sample packs. Search, browse and listen to vocal loops and samples which are available to download instantly.

All our vocal samples are 100% royalty-free and written and recorded by some of the best session vocalists in the industry. From dry, full-song stems to heavily-processed glitched vocal loops, we’ve got a huge variety of vocal samples for all genres of electronic music.

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Vocals bundles

Vintage Inspiration Bundle

Make your tracks ooze with old school flavours with this nostalgic look back to the 70s, 80s and 90s featuring everything from funk slap bass through to classic speeches and sermons, via authentic live breakbeats.

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